Kayaking Trailer Modification for a Wheelchair Individual

The family has picked up a hobby called kayaking. At the same time the youngest child is also in Boy Scouts and enjoys the campouts immensely. Most likely because he has also caught the desire to go fishing. Mixing the two together has been easy, we can go fishing and kayaking at the same time to many of the same places. The problem lies in how to pack your gear. An easy question for many to solve – throw the camp gear and fishing tackle in the car, the kayak on the roof and head to where you want to go. Not so easy for me. The problem is that the Scout is handicapped and uses is a wheelchair as his major method of transportation. And kayaks tend to be pretty long also. Since we live in Florida, the heat and humidity can also wear you down. The boy is also more susceptible to heat than anything else. He has Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is brittle bones in layman’s terms. But he still likes to go camping even if he is in a wheelchair most of the time.We own a 30-foot travel trailer that we have used a few times to go camping. The problem is that loading the kayaks makes the trailer even taller and is truly a pain to do. I needed a better way to make sure we can do what we like and not have to haul ourselves to death with trips back and forth or climbing up 10 foot ladders strapping kayaks to a roof. Enter the latest idea I had of using an enclosed trailer. I borrowed an enclosed trailer from a friend for a day as a trial and set all our equipment on the lawn. The idea was to figure out how to pack all the gear so we all could access it even in a wheelchair. I used just some scraps lying around to figure out a basic plan of what would work. It was a godsend to have the enclosed trailer because the boy could wheel around the trailer to get his stuff and put it away also.

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Using the original idea of an enclosed trailer, I laid out the longest boat we had which was at 12 ½ feet. So that necessitated a 14-foot trailer. With that in mind I went to the internet and searched for the 14 foot trailers and found various vendors. I ordered one with a rear ramp door so we could roll up the wheelchair and any other items on wheel. I also made sure that there was a side door that had a flush lock, like a regular RV door. Since most of our camping is done at RV type parks where there is usually water and power connections and toilet facilities, I modified the side of the trailer with water and power connections. I don’t have a flush toilet in the trailer, just a camp toilet that is used only at night. I like the rustic experiences so I have hooks on the outside of the trailer for a solar shower. Though I think a 110volt point of use heater might be in order at some point just for comfort.The longest boat slides in the back of the trailer under one bunk bed with shelf space above the rest of the boat that is not covered by the bed. The trailer is not as spacious as an RV, but we have a AC unit if needed, and 2 bunk beds and a queen mattress as well. I went to the RV store and ordered two windows so that if we sleep in the trailer we have some natural light if needed. We also have a sink in the trailer for washing dishes. I didn’t put in any holding tanks, but RV stores have portable holding tanks that have wheels that I empty when full. All my connections are quick disconnects with off the shelf products available at either RV outfitters or big box stores.

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I would certainly do the project again, there are numerous articles on the internet describing how to turn a trailer into living quarters and I pirated ideas from many of them. We still like to pitch a tent, but if the weather gets bad, we have a dry place we can go to. We’ve met a few people who have taken the concept to family and friends who have people in wheelchairs. I would like to do it over again, but only with a wider trailer so that I have a little more elbow room. The rear ramp allows wheelchair access, but also serves as a ‘patio’ if needed. We cook with a propane stove outside and have the whole RV ‘experience’ without the cost, and the wheelchair can roll right into the trailer as needed.

Tow Trailers Enjoy Winter Elegance

Sunrise finds fiery purpose while the campers sip orange juice, eat eggs benedict and read the morning Toledo Blade. Sunset melts into the lake as the exhausted campers listen to the grand piano while drinking Dom Perignon in Maumee Bay State Park’s Water’s Edge Restaurant.When they bought the 50 foot tow trailer they nearly experienced buyers’ remorse. Sure they got an incredible off season deal but there would be no money left in the budget for the annual Christmas vacation. Or would there? Bingo! They found to their amazement that Ohio’s many state parks are open year around with many modern electric sites. What’s even more amazing than winter camping was the existence of good roads to many of these that are safe even in winter. And to their utter amazement they found that there is sophisticated elegance in some of these parks. With over 130 years of camping history Ohio has evolved a list of 73 state park campgrounds with a large variety of flora, fauna, facilities and activities.

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Both Maumee Bay’s lodge Water’s Edge Restaurant and IceBreaker Lounge offer a wine list that include local Firelands and Mon Ami wines as well as Champaign, Asti Spumante, Chardonnay, Riesling. Blush, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Haut Sauterne, Pink Catawba, Gewurztraminer and White Zinfandel from an array of domestic and imported vintners. Despite modern lodge surroundings the dress is casual and reservations are not required.

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The Dinner menu includes Ohio Perch, local favorites trout and walleye as well as the usual assortment of pastas, steaks, pork and seafood. Lunch can be simpler… say a Lobster Bisque and Bay Salad.But elegance isn’t everything. There’s more to Maumee Bay than Golf and Spa facilities. One small example is the two mile boardwalk at Lake Erie’s edge through restored wetlands. This brief glimpse through six- to eight- foot tall vegetation reminds the visitor of what wetland’s preservation (the specific mission of this park) is all about.

Things to Know About Trailer Services

Think about trailers and the first thing that comes to your mind would be the gigantic vehicles that carry new cars to showrooms. The trailer services are also popular in the auto transport industry. Basically a cargo trailer which is used for transporting goods and materials is an unpowered vehicle that is pulled by a powered vehicle. Since there are no motors or engines in a trailer, it is usually pulled by a truck, car or tractor. They are used for transporting goods over a long distance.There are various types of cargo trailer services like recreational vehicles, travel trailers and mobile home designed with all required facilities. They can be open or closed and are available in a variety of features like air conditioning and heat, ramp door, lighting and floor covering. You can take the services from a trailer dealer based on your purpose or intended use of it.

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There are many companies offering trailer services as and when you needed them. You can search them online and land upon a good company. Once you shortlist some cargo trailer sale companies, compare their prices, the type of trailers and the terms of their service.If you are planning to invest in trailer sales, there are many variables that you need to consider. One of the main things that need your attention would be to decide between a new trailer and a used one. If you are choosing a new trailer you have the option to pick and choose from the customized options offered by the company. You will get the exact one that you are looking for. On the other hand if you are going for a second hand one, the cost would be less but there would no custom options. You can go for used ones if the trailer dealer offers customizable options for them and also you need to make sure that you are getting a fair deal.The second thing you need to decide would be if you need enclosed trailers or open deck trailers. If the goods that you wish to transport can withstand open air elements, you can go for open trailers. However if goods are better served to be transported under cover, go for the closed ones. If you are in the lookout for car haulers sale, you can choose from an open runner deck car hauler or an 8.5 foot wide enclosed car hauler. Both car haulers and motorcycle trailers are available in open deck and enclosed. You can select the apt one depending upon your needs and preferences.

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Since the cargo trailers are available in wide range of length and width, you need to select the ones that suit your needs. There are small utility trailers or landscape trailer which would be open deck or enclosed one. Depending upon the particular cargo you need to haul, the size of the trailer can be determined. For hauling larger machinery and equipment, you would surely need a large sized trailer.There are limitless customizable options available for the cargo trailers and you need to do your research before the purchase.

How You Can Save Money While Traveling by RV Or Travel Trailer

We all appreciate having an extra few bucks around. It makes us feel good, especially when the last few years have been so hard on so many people. While people have cut back on vacations, or changed the way they vacation, they are still getting out there.One result of the recession is people have cut way back on overseas vacations and vacations outside of the country. The cost is generally too much for most people. As such, travel trailers have become more popular as a means of travel. With a travel trailer, money is saved every time you head out. There are no hotel costs and no airfare to pay.One means of vacationing is the staycation. The staycation is a vacation close to home that costs less than traditional vacations. People are saving up to take more time off at one time instead of spreading out vacations. Some families are taking advantage of weekends and heading out for a day or two to get away and re-cooperate without worrying about the cost of a week-long vacation. Getting creative is bringing families closer together. People save money on vacation and with a little savvy, they can also save a few extra dollars on the cost of gas.

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It’s important to be aware of what might be draining your fuel tank as well as ways of driving that can improve gas mileage.The following tips are easy to follow and don’t cost a penny. In fact, they are all designed to help you save money when driving an RV or travel trailer.1. When you slam your foot on the accelerator that will eat up gas. Accelerate slowly and smoothly. A few seconds isn’t going to make a difference as to when you get to your destination. On the highway, use the cruise control to avoid fluctuations in speed.
2. Speeding, or driving at higher speeds will drain your tank faster than if you stay at the recommended speed limit. It might be hard to do, but think of the money you’ll save and that might be an incentive.
3. When possible, use the overdrive gears. They help.
4. The wind blowing in through the windows may feel refreshing, but it causes a drag in your vehicle that will slow you down and waste fuel.
5. Avoid high traffic areas. When planning your trip, if you’re going to be in a busy city, try to aim for early morning or middle of the day or night when there will be less people on the road and less possibility of a traffic jam.
6. If you are stopped for more than a minute or so, consider turning off your engine to save gas. Idling can make your vehicle overheat and there’s no need. Turn off the ignition.

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These are the basics you need to know in order to save money when traveling or heading out on vacation. They will reduce your gas bills, so you can spend your money on something more worthwhile, like a great dinner out or a stop at a National Park.

Physically Challenged? Yes, You and Your Travel Trailer Can!

If you have always enjoyed an expedition in your travel trailer, but now think that due to limited mobility you no longer have that option, think again! With some modifications to your new or used travel trailer, you can be “on the road again,” rolling across the USA.Adaptations for wheelchairsOne basic modification for people in wheelchairs is a special restraint system. These are the safety belts for those with physical disabilities who are riding in the RV. This system of straps will stabilize the chair, and support the chair and the rider to ensure the rider’s safety while traveling.Another alteration is the loading device to lift the wheelchair with the person in it. It functions as an elevator, which lifts the wheelchair from ground level up into the vehicle. You may be able to find a used lift. Be sure you check it out well, or have a mechanic look it over.

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Driving aids and assisted technology for people with disabilitiesThere are many different helps for people with disabilities. A left foot accelerator is one of the modifications that can be installed to help the driver. There are alternative devices that control the accelerator, the brakes, and electronic steering apparatus available. Quadriplegics can find driving systems with touch pad controls, and power head rests to help them drive safely.Modifications to the motorhome structure
o Widen the doors in the travel trailer to make moving about easier and safer for people with disabilities. That includes roll-in showers.
o Lower the counters and sinks so they are accessible for wheelchair users.
o Change out small faucets for ones that can be easily reached.
o Reposition light switches so they are handy.
o Install some “panic” buttons, which a person alone might use to call for help.

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How can I keep the cost of conversion down?Look for reputable companies who have an interest in helping, and experience in the field. Or, you can find a good RV dealer who might be willing to work with you on a trade-in for an already converted trailer.Is it worth the trouble to modify your RV?If you truly enjoy traveling in a motorhome, and want to enjoy the comforts of home as you travel, it is worth the trouble. RVing has been called the equal opportunity way to travel. You can avoid inaccessible restaurants, hotels, and bathrooms, and rest knowing that everything you have is under your travel trailer’s roof.

Learn the Features of Travel Trailers Before Purchasing

When discussing the many different styles and types of recreational vehicles it should be pointed out that travel trailers are the most in demand out of all of them. Since these are the most popular it means there will be many to choose from but it also means some amount of research and review should go into finding the best one possible. Whether it be ultra light travel trailers, small travel trailers, compact RVs or something else, take the time to find out what’s available.To give you some idea about ultra light trailers below are some details and features on one that should give a good idea of what to expect. Use trailer details through research on the web to help make a decision on what to buy. Purchasing a small or lightweight travel trailer doesn’t have to be stressful but instead should be a fun and invigorating experience.

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This particular type of travel trailer was said to break out of the typical type of RV trailer and make an imprint on the lighter type trailers with a noticeably European design, with big storage areas and a very intriguing and spacious living area. This one comes with a large space for seating and nighttime hospitality room. For this trailer there are up to five total floor designs to choose from. The overall length of the exterior trailer is 16 plus feet to 26 feet. The height is close to 10 feet high while the width of the exterior is 7 and a half feet. The height of the interior turns in at 6 and a half feet. Total gross vehicle weight rating is between thirty five hundred to forty nine hundred pounds.A quick note on GVWR, or gross vehicle weight rating, is the total maximum weight that is allowable and that includes all fluid, people, luggage and all other available or optional equipment. This will help the owner know if they are in the requirements set forth by law and the local regulations especially when driving on the roadways. To determine this weight the RV should be weighed on a scale. On the other hand, dry weight is without all of the extras. For this example trailer, the dry weight is somewhere between twenty-five hundred and thirty-seven hundred pounds.

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The hitch weight would range somewhere between two hundred and four hundred pounds. The tanks have a total volume of thirty-six, thirty-two and thirty-two gallons. The starting price for ultra light travel trailers in this range would be somewhere between fifteen thousand and sixteen thousand pounds.Learn as much as possible about the style and type of travel trailer that interests you most. This will give you a good background and footing to stand on when either negotiating a price or making a decision on a particular trailer when the time finally comes to make a purchase.

3 Advantages of Time Management That You May Not Have Thought Of

When most people talk about time management, they talk about being able to the most important tasks done and such and while these are some great advantages of time management, there are many other advantages that most people miss or don’t even know of!Here’s a look at 3 very powerful advantages of time management that most people miss but are incredibly important in personal growth and development.1. Increased ability to relax and remain stress freeWhile time management is a difficult habit to cultivate, the good news about time management is that it will help you get rid of a lot of your stress. When you learn how to manage your time effectively and put those time management principles into practice, you will feel less stressed out about all your goals and priorities.

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This works because unfinished tasks and commitments create a nagging feeling and when we fail to take care of them, they eat up the level of balance and harmony in our bodies.So one of the quickest ways to reduce stress is to become good at managing your time and getting tasks done!2. Increased harmony in relationshipsI hope you’ve realized by now that a stress free you leads to a happier and healthier relationship. You see, when we are stressed out about work, the upcoming deadlines etc, it is easy to blow up on our family and friends even for the littlest things.This creates stress and dissatisfaction in relationships. Which is why you need to look at how you’re spending your time in the office and what kind of stress or problems you’re bringing home. And, it’s impossible to disconnect from the office if you don’t practice good time management skills at work!

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3. Increased self confidenceIncreased self confidence comes from knowing that you know how to do something. And, when you learn to manage your time, when you can see that you have the ability to handle the stress of your demanding job, when you see that you have the skill sets to advance in your career you’ll gain self confidence.The only way to see that you’ve got the skill sets to advance and you have the right talent for the job is to see the positive results you can bring to the job – which is only possible if you learn how to manage your time and become highly productive at work.

Buying a New Horse Trailer

There are certain things you should consider when buying a new horse trailer. After all, you want make sure that you’re getting a safe, quality trailer that meets the needs of your horse(s), as well as your own needs.The first and foremost thing you should consider when shopping for a new horse trailer is your horse(s). Keep in mind that horses are claustrophobic by nature. Therefore, a trailer with plenty of room, light, and ventilation will create less stress on the horse. In turn, the horse will load more easily and will travel more comfortably. He will also be less likely to injure himself and will be less likely to suffer from stress-related health problems such as shipping fever, dehydration, and colic.The Importance of the Size of the HorseThe size of your horse is a very important factor to consider. Most likely, you don’t enjoy being cramped-up in tight quarters when you travel. And, neither does your horse! If the horse doesn’t have enough room to move its legs forward and sideways, it could lose its balance while moving. Narrow trailers and trailers with full center dividers can potentially cause the horse to scramble, because he does not have enough space to spread his legs to keep his balance. Be aware that slant load trailers are not styled for horses that are over 15.3h, and the length of the stall is not long enough to allow the horse freedom of movement. Horses over 15.3h should have at least 7 feet of stall length and 3 feet of head area – 10 feet overall. In the past, a 7 foot tall trailer was considered extra tall.

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Today, however, it isn’t unusual for trailers to be 7’4″ to 7’6″ tall. This height should be considered for any horse over 15.3h. There should also be enough room for the horse to lower its head to remove debris (hay dust and other contaminants in the trailer) by coughing, in order to keep his respiratory tract clear.Make sure there are no sharp edges or protrusions anywhere on the trailer. (Check both inside and out.) Look at the floor boards. These should run the length of the trailer (vertically), not across the trailer (horizontally), and there should be good support underneath.Floor mats and ramps should be non-slip. Ramps should not be steep. If it’s a step-up trailer, the horse should be able to walk out headfirst when unloading. (Step-up trailers can be dangerous when backing the horse out, because the horse can slip under the trailer and possibly receive a major injury, as a result.)For safer trailering, rubber torsion suspension is available on almost all newer trailers. This type of suspension greatly reduces the amount of shock. As a result, the horse absorbs less shock through the floor of the trailer, thereby reducing stress to the horse. Also, if the trailer should have a flat tire, rubber torsion suspension allows the remaining three wheels to maintain the trailer until you can get to a safe place to change the tire.Quick-release mechanisms on all tie rings, center dividers, chest bars, and butt bars are a must-have for safety and convenience. Construction material and all other parts should be strong enough to hold up to the largest, strongest horse you will be hauling. In fact, the strength of the trailer, not its weight, should be your first priority, if you have large horses to haul. How well will the trailer hold up to a panicky horse or in a traffic accident?

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Now that you’ve taken into consideration the needs of your horse(s), it’s time to consider your own needs. Do you need a trailer for hauling horses long distances or short distances? If you’ll be frequently traveling long distances, will you need a dressing room for showing or a gooseneck for sleeping? Are you comfortable towing a large rig across the country? (Keep in mind that, once you’ve chosen the right horse trailer for you, you’ll need to buy a tow vehicle to pull the trailer.)These are just a few of the considerations when purchasing a new horse trailer.

Camping Trailers – All of the Comforts of Home

Camping in a tent is great fun, but sooner or later you will finally say enough is enough. I remember when it happened to us. We had set up our tent in a pretty campground along the Missouri river. Unfortunately the owner had skimped on the size of the washroom. It was a long weekend and the park was full. We awoke in the morning and the washroom was our need. Sure enough, there was a line up of eight for the ladies and two for the gents. That was the morning we made the decision to buy our first RV.It is a daunting task to begin the search. Anyone who knows travel trailers knows that units come in all different shapes and sizes. We soon realized we would need to buy a small one as we had an older car with a big 6 engine.

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Mistake number one. We searched and found a small ten foot long fiberglass unit that must have been thirty years old. Now we had two old units. The car and trailer.
Mistake number two. We traded for a fifteen foot fiberglass. It was fifteen years old in nice condition. We hit the road for a trip cross country. It rode well pulling it with the old car. Second day out it rained as we drove. When we stopped the front window had leaked all over the upholstered seats. We tried our best but could never find how the water came in.
Mistake number three. We traded for a twelve year old twenty foot European model. Too heavy for the car. Traded for a van. That was a nice rig. Worked well. Then we decided to spend the winter in Arizona.
Mistake number four. Traded for a new twenty five footer and the van for a three quarter ton truck. Took it to Arizona for the winter. It worked fine for us but was a little small for six months of living. Finally after enjoying the rig for two more years we realized our medical travel insurance was getting way out of hand for traveling in the USA from Canada so we sold everything and purchased a small car.We realized that our biggest mistake was at the very beginning. We should have taken at least a few months and checked out all of the trailers and the vehicles that are required to tow them. We should have stopped by some campgrounds and asked people who were trailer owners what they thought about their rigs. After all there are so many types available. We should also looked at motor homes.

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Hindsight now leads us to believe that we would have looked at how we were going to use the trailer. Short or ling trips. Short or long stays. Should we have purchased a big rig with the tow vehicle to match. Of that there is no doubt. It would have saved us a lot of headaches and probably a lot of money as well. Consider these points before you set out for a life in an RV trailer.

Advantages Of Time Management – Action Chasing

OverviewWhat are the advantages of time management? Exactly how many times do you land up tracking down information that you will need to achieve a task. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could ask for the article people would like at the final minute and it would actually be ready just when you need it? Not super early but just in time. I can easily hear you all exclaiming, ‘no chance’, ‘it’s just wishful thinking’.It is simple in this situation to believe the other individual is incompetent, not a team man or totally idle. Just why should it be the other guy’s negligence? Take a proactive attitude and see precisely how you can affect the position.Let’s explore a few straightforward techniques that can serve to prevent this frustration.Deadlines:Don’t leave steps to the last minute yourself. Give the job time some ‘slack’, so that you get the important information you require in advance of when you need it. The timing should be in discussion with the person providing it. It is no good trying to get the important information way ahead of time when you need it just in time. Endeavoring to obtain details too early might be unfeasible, or the material that you do get could potentially change ahead of the time that you use it.

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Mistakes in communication:Make completely sure that the detail you need is unmistakable and agreed. Put it in writing and challenge the person if they are satisfied with the request, completely understand it or have any concerns. Exactly why do you require it and in what format? This practice is not so that people will have a person to punish in the future. A lot of requests for information are sought way in advance of a required deadline. If you don’t record it, for the person supplying the important information, it may become not so clear as the due date arrives.Diary reminder:Don’t make the mistake that others will manage their schedule as efficiently as you. Put a prompt in your diary to chase up the action. This lets people to keep abreast of development and forms a reminder to the person producing the important information.Act on continued culprits:Some people, with the best motives, will continuously appear to be too late at supplying details. Discover why. Be proactive, don’t merely presume it is a one-off. If you determine the reason and fix the problem it will be better for everybody down the road. If a person affects you with their unsatisfactory time management they will almost certainly be doing the exact same to other people. Will they require coaching in the advantages of time management themselves? Do they report to another manager that you can speak to? Strive to solve an issue to the advantage of all before thinking about any form of punitive route.

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Meetings:In a comparable vein, people not showing up on schedule for meetings may be really irritating. Adjust the approaches above to look at improvement. This is a lot more appropriate for business meetings with one to three people. For larger meetings this is less effective. The concept that individuals will attend a meeting unless they tell you differently does not usually hold up. As earlier determine the problem and respond in the correct fashion.